Bed Bugs Control Treatment In Lucknow


Bed Bugs Control &Treatment In Lucknow

SLMI, Pest Control Offers You Bed Bugs Control Treatment At Your Door Step In Lucknow

Bed bugs are very irritating pests that cause severe allergic reactions and skin infections. If you have a bed bug infestation, it is important to get immediate treatment. There are various treatments available in Lucknow that can be effective in eliminating the pests and their eggs. Aside from using chemicals to kill the pests, you can also use sealants to trap the insects. Heat fumigation is another option that can effectively kill the bugs and their eggs.

When getting rid of bed bugs, it is important to consult a PMP, who will apply three types of insecticides in different parts of the house. There are many brands of insecticides on the market, so it is important to choose the right one. The fast-acting contact insecticide should be used on surfaces that people often touch. Residual insecticide should be applied inside the furniture and cracks. A dust insecticide can also be applied to the voids.

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Bed Bugs Control At Your Door Step

Why You Should Choose Slmi Bed Bugs Control treatment In Lucknow

Slmi Pest Control experts inspect the area to find the source of bed bug infestation, and then treatments are applied to control the pest’s spread.

Scrutinize the bed and the seams of the mattress, and the back of the headboard. Look for eggs, egg cases, and the blackish areas of bugs’ excrement. These are indicators that you have bedbugs. Wash the bedding and clothing that are infested at high temperatures. Make sure to clean the fabric in the affected rooms thoroughly. Pay special attention to getting rid of dirt, dust, and fluff from the places where the bugs may live, including cracks, crevices, and seams of fabrics, and buttons on mattresses.

Effects of Bed Bug Pest

Bed bugs have not been confirmed to be a carrier of illness. But they can cause numerous adverse effects. Below are some of the emotional well-being issues of those living in houses with infestations. Unpredicted impacts include anxiety, sleep deprivation, and other essential responses. Allergic reactions to bites can be extremely severe. The effects can range from none to a tiny bite mark, to in rare instances, the body a massive response.

Our Bed Bug Control Treatments In Lucknow

Bed bugs belong to the blood-sucking family of flat-bodied, wingless insects. The bugs are flat, oval, and wings-less. Auburn bugs typically are less than 7mm in length, with large antennae with a small size, tiny legs, and wings in the form of stumps.

Standard Spray: Initial spray on the ground will kill. After 20-25 days, eggs will become an adult.

Service Duration 6-months once-a-year Very Affordable Price. Call  +9195805 74211 to Book the Service

bed bugs infest human dwellings, particularly bedrooms, and feed on human blood. In the absence of human blood, the bug feeds off the blood of rabbits, mice, or chickens.

Heat Treatment: One-time treatment – Very Effective Bed Bug Pest Control Service In Lucknow.

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