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Slmi Pest Control In Lucknow is the most reputable commercial and residential pest control in Lucknow. We Provide commercial pest control and residential pest control services in Lucknow for every types of pest issues. Slmi Pest Control company perfectly recognizes how pests can cause a lot of stress. If you’re a commercial establishment or a hospital, home or another place, Slmi Pest Control Company provide prompt and professional assistance.

Pest Control Services In Lucknow

Slmi Pest Control Pvt Ltd is a top commercial and residential pest control service in Lucknow. Pest problems such as Bedbugs control and rodent control, cockroaches control mosquito control, termite control, and many other issues with pests are handled through Slmi Pest Control company in effective and eco-friendly manner.

Now SLMI Is Providing Sanitization & Disinfection Services In Lucknow. If You Want To Sanitize Your Home, Office, Factory, Building, Society, Contact SLMI. 

Get Your House Free From – Germs, Bacteria, Virus & COVID 19 Virus.

If you’d like your house to be free from bacteria, viruses, and germs. Home sanitization and disinfecting services are the perfect solutions. Disinfecting and sanitizing are essential for keeping your home sanitary and free from diseases. The chemicals used for these purposes are EPA certified, and our service providers use certified chemicals. These services ensure that your home is sterile and free from lingering bacteria and germs.

Best Sanitization Services In Lucknow

The process of home sanitization starts with a thorough cleaning of the area. The professional sanitizing staff will thoroughly scrub the entire surface of your home or commercial space, from walls to ceilings. The chemical kills harmful bacteria and viruses, and the technician will cover the whole area. SLMI Allows you to relax and enjoy your home. The service also kill harmful bacteria, COIVD 19 Viruses, and gives you the “feel good” factor.

Get Your Home Pest Free and Healthy

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We Provide Sanitization Services In Lucknow

Your family’s health is our priority The good news is that at Slmi Pest Control PVT LTD. Expert pest control in Lucknow isn’t just our business, but it’s our commitment. As Lucknow’s most experienced pest control service We know how to prevent and treat problems with pest control. For all pests we’ll give you customized pest control plans to ensure your home is healthy. Once you’ve scheduled services with Slmi insect control Lucknow and you’ll be given an in-depth home inspection by one of our highly skilled technicians. Since even the tiniest cracks and crevices may allow pests to gain entry and we will check both the inside as well as the exterior of your property…

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Our Happy Clients

Mohd Danish

I was sick of termite in my home my friend suggested me Slmi Pest Control & Now It's Been 7 Months No Termite At All Best Pest Control In Lucknow

Tarun Kumar

These guys did a excellent job, cleared complete problem of bedbugs in our home. Their services are completely different from other companies. They gave 1 year guarantee certificate best people for pest control. I like their service skills, earlier I spent money on other several other companies but dint worked even from 3 months. Slmi gave us the compete solution.

Sneha Agarval

Professional and very good quality of service, great customer service as well as fast response. Just moved into a new home and found we had not only cockroaches, but a pretty significant mice infestation. The technician came in and safety and efficiently removed all of our pests, it shows through the service provided!! Great results and good price. Highly recommend their service.

Siddhart Sanyal

Slmi pest control services has been providing us services for almost more than than 2 years. They provide good result oriented services at budget friendly costs. Their technicians are well behaved and locally trained. Good job guys keep it up.

Slmi Pest Control & Sanitization In Lucknow is AN ISO 9001: 2008 certified company

We are also member of the National Pest Management Association, founded in 1999. We provide commercial and residential pest control services across Lucknow efficiently and professionally.

Our Company is been in operation for a long time. We have served in a challenging and competitive market due to our focus on customer service, professionalism management, and an approach that is positive to business solutions. Slmi Pest Control PVT LTD. Our staff is professional-trained and certified technicians. Offer general pest control inspections for real estate, outdoor pest control, as well as the pretreatment of new buildings.

Slmi Pest Control PVT. LTD. It is an ISO 9001:2008-certified company and is a well-known pest control business located in Lucknow from 2017. SLMI Pest Control has an extensive presence across Lucknow. Slmi Pest Control Pvt Ltd. has established a reputable reputation in the marketplace. Our company offers quick and practical solutions to deal with insects like mosquitoes, rodents as well as bedbugs, cockroaches, termites, wood borers, to mention some.

SLMI-Pest control service located in Lucknow is supported by highly skilled personnel with decades of experience controlling various types of pests. Our facilities are top-of-the-line and enable us to develop an all-inclusive pest management and control program. We look for any signs of pest attacks on your home and corporate areas and offer the correct solutions. In the case of pest control, all areas of your home must be examined and, if necessary, followed by treatment for insects or other nuisance pests.

SLMI - Pest Control Services In Lucknow


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