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Termite Control Treatment 

Slmi Pest Control Offer You Best Termite Control Treatment Serivces In Lucknow. Now Say Good Bye To Termites Slmi Pest Control Is Now In Lucknow.

Termites can also be referred to as white ants. They consume paper and cloth doors made of wood and other items made of cellulose. Although they are small, termites can destroy the entire structure; they consume subfloors and weaken the system internally. Many homeowners don’t realize that these tiny insects are destroying their homes. Slmi Pest Solutions offers a quick and effective service to provide customers with termite treatments in Lucknow within just a few hours. We guarantee to rid your home of all termite issues because we have long-standing experience in this area.

Post Construction Anti-Termite treatment:

The treatment process includes ground nesting of the previously built structures. The primary method of this post-construction termite control services involves keeping a continuous inspection throughout the warranty period. The process consists of injecting the insecticide that is effective into the flooring laid on top and filling in the gaps by putting white cement. This thick layer of chemicals creates the necessary barrier to termites, making it impossible for their cross. Windows, doors, and floors are also sprayed with chemicals, making it completely termite-proof.

Pre-Construction Anti -Termite treatment:

Our company offers this service before constructing any structure or house, which can be provided for residential or commercial homes in the early stages of construction. We also provide the required assurance to protect against all types of termite infestation.

What are the benefits of our termite control service?

  • We have partnerships with many of the most reputable companies in pest control.
  • Our workers and technicians are certified for using pesticides that are strong on construction sites. They are skilled in providing the highest quality termite control services.
  • Our company is never indifferent to the quality of the product or our services.
  • Our clients are our primary concern. Therefore, if they’re not satisfied, we offer assistance for free during the warranty time.
  • We employ eco-friendly chemicals that are not harmful to the environment or residents or the residents in any manner.

We offer service to all areas for Treatment of Termite Treatment 24/7 in Lucknow. Contact us anytime a to hire us now!